The primary types of mattress toppers are Memory Foam, Down Feathers, Latex, Wool, and Polyester. Your mattress may have a topper built-in but it can wear over time, or may not be as comfortable as you had hoped. Add-on mattress toppers help you to personalize your bed and add comfort and support.

Before purchasing a topper ensure you understand how it needs to be cleaned and cared for. Many toppers come with or suggest adding a protective cover. Covers are often waterproof and either cool or help to add warmth to your bed. Some toppers are so advanced you can add a topper when your mattress wears out instead of purchasing a new mattress.

With the amount of time we spend in front of our computers, having an ergonomic chair is more important than ever. You want your chair to be stylized, but it’s more than just a piece of furniture so you must consider your individual needs. Begin with identifying the supportive features you require. Most office chairs have adjustable height, adjustable arms, and tilting seat features. However, some chairs are armless, and some are a simple L-shaped chair that isn’t adjustable. The type of chair you choose will also vary depending on the type of desk you have and the height of your desk. Don’t forget that you can layer massagers, foam toppers, and other chair accessories on top to personalize your chair.

The smarter your home, the easier your life! Your smart devices streamline and automate your life, and most smart devices provide tracking, analytics, and reports. From solo smart gadgets to health devices such as the Fitbit, and devices that empower you to manage your entire home or office remotely from an app. Combine with wireless power transfer technology and you can keep your smart home devices charged without plugging in a charger. The goal is to create a custom Internet of Things for your home and office so that you can utilize technology to improve your quality of life.

The latest generation of slow cookers does it all! They tenderize meat and seafood, intensify flavors, and can be used for delicious one pot meals. In addition to main courses and full meals, you can use slow cookers to cook grains, steam vegetables, and make sauce, soup, stew, jam, broth, and more.

As our schedules get busier finding the time to prepare healthy meals becomes a challenge. With a slow cooker, you don’t have to spend as much time chopping or prepping your food, and you spend zero time cooking. You simply place all the ingredients, including the herbs and spices, into the cooker, set the timer, and wait for your food to cook itself. Depending on the recipe, you can have it cook while you are at work and have dinner ready for you when you return home. Use the recipes that come with your slow cooker, search for new recipes online, or order a slow cooker cookbook.

Smart LED lights are a new generation of internet-connected lighting. With your new bulbs, you can adjust and manage your lights remotely. This includes scheduling when to turn them on and off, changing the color of the lighting, and adjusting brightness even if they aren’t wired to a dimmer switch.

In addition to being a smart light bulb, LED lights are 75% more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and they last up to 25 times longer. They also provide a bright and clear light that you may find to be superior to your current bulb.

If you have any questions about specific products don’t hesitate to ask!

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